Rolfing® in Palmer AK

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Frontier Rolfing provides Rolf® Structural Integration sessions and classes in Palmer Alaska at the Blue Mountains Building.

Rolfing is a trademark term, used exclusively by members of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.  To learn about the Rolfing and it’s development, read this excellent article to learn about this effective work here.

Many many people understand Rolfing to be painful. Rolfer Leah Rachocki does not cause pain when she works with clients. She uses advanced manual therapy and movement cues developed over 15 years of practice and with continuing education. Leah is able to work with people in pain, and help them heal gently.

Rolfing is defined by principles, not technique.  This means that every Rolfer works in a different way, yet the results of Rolfing are the same. In South-central Alaska, there are many effective Rolfers, and some use heavy-handed or direct techniques. Leah uses indirect techniques, which allows the client to be comfortable and relax into healing. This approach seems to be more efficient in meeting the goals of the client.

Rolfing is a somatic practice. Somatic practices facilitate lasting experiential coherence between body and mind, for expressed state of Health. Other somatic practices include Feldenkrais and Alexander and Pilates. Dr Rolf was a contemporary of Alexander and Feldenkrais and Pilates, they each sought to better understand and facilitate the relationship between the body and mind, to create whole humans.