Rolf® Structural Integration

Welcome to my simple website!

My practice is named ‘Frontier Rolfing’ because the work I offer to clients brings them to inner frontiers of health, where few other practitioners can guide and educate. I also began my practice in Alaska, also known as ‘the last frontier’. So this name works on different levels. In 2015 I established a small practice in my hometown of Cleveland Ohio,

Rolfing is a trademark term, used exclusively by members of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.  

Rolfing is defined by principles, not technique.  This means that every Rolfer works in a different way, yet the results of Rolfing are the same.

Rolfing is a somatic practice. Somatic practices facilitate lasting experiential coherence between body and mind, for expressed state of Health. Other somatic practices include Feldenkrais and Alexander and Pilates. Dr Rolf was a contemporary of Alexander and Feldenkrais and Pilates, they each sought to better understand and facilitate the relationship between the body and mind, to create whole humans.