Rolfing in Palmer AK

This site is being reconstructed, albeit slowly. In the mean time, here’s some basic information about my work.

Frontier Rolf Therapies provides Rolf Structural Integration sessions and classes in Palmer Alaska at the Blue Mountains Building, and in Cleveland Ohio at Abide Yoga as Cleveland Rolfing.

Rolfing is a trademark term, used exclusively by members of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.  To learn about the Rolfing and it’s development, read this.

Rolfing is NOT painful. Rolfing is NOT massage.

Rolfing IS defined by principles, not technique.  Rolfing IS a somatic practice.

Somatic practices are those that facilitate lasting experiential coherence between body and mind, for expressed state of Health. Other somatic practices include Feldenkrais and Alexander work. Dr Rolf was a contemporary of Alexander and Feldenkrais, they each sought to better understand and facilitate the relationship between the body and mind, to create whole humans.