Rolf® Structural Integration

Welcome to my simple website!

Frontier Rolfing was established around 2005 in Palmer, Alaska. In 2015 I established a small practice in my hometown of Cleveland Ohio,

Since COVID 19, my practice has shifted away from Alaska. You can google ‘Rolfer in Alaska’ or go to the Rolf Institute site below and use the ‘locate a practitioner’ link.

Rolfing is a trademark term, used exclusively by members of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.  

Rolfing is defined by principles, not technique.  This means that every Rolfer works in a different way, yet the results of Rolfing are the similar – improved posture and improved personal awareness, expressed as grace in movement.

Rolfing is a somatic practice. Somatic practices facilitate lasting experiential coherence between body and mind, for expressed state of Health. Other somatic practices include Feldenkrais and Alexander and Pilates. Dr Rolf was a contemporary of Alexander and Feldenkrais and Pilates, they each sought to better understand and facilitate the relationship between the body and mind, to enable humans who are integrated with them selves, and therefore, the environment.